Brand story

Innovation That Changes the Way You Live


When we started Unitron World, we had one lofty goal to transform the way you live. We do so by

daring to innovate. We do so by developing technological solutions. We do so by caring.

Unitron exists to bridge the gap between possibility and practicality by bringing

technologies that solve the problems impacting lives around the globe.

Our story began with software development and hardware integration. After years of

experience and success developing innovative products, we set out to build something

bigger. Unitron became the fulfillment of that vision as we aimed to create consumer

electronics the were as exciting as they were practical. We wanted to dream bigger. We

wanted to build better. We wanted to be like our inspiration.

The unicorn. Yes, the unicorn, majestic creature of dreams. It is beautiful. It is elegant. It

has the courage to be different. It has the ability to inspire. It is these qualities that we bring

into every design and product. We want to be unique in the way we see the world and the

solution-driven approach we take to its problems. We want to be courageous in the way we

innovate. We want to bring beauty to a technological world that has grown tired and



Unitron is meeting the problems of today with the innovation of tomorrow. Just like that